The past two years were incredible. I travelled to New Zealand, France, Hong Kong, Tokyo and many more locations to shoot high quality timelapse visuals! This short compilation features the very best shots from those adventures as well as from personal projects from the years before. We are planning great things for 2015 so stay connected with us ! 网站: 社交媒体: | For licensing and work inquires please contact me at

原声带: Final Frontier by Thomas Bergersen |

使用设备: DSC 6A DSC 550 三阳14mm f2.8佳能 24-105 f4 L佳能 70-200 佳能f4L 15-85 f3.5-5.6动态感知第一阶段滑块eMotimo TB3 Black在Lightroom中编辑, LRTimelapse, After Effects和Permiere Pro

投: 马丁·赫克 | Timestorm电影

标签: 游戏中时光倒流, 时间, 失误, , , 马丁内克, 暴风雨电影, 暴风雨, 银河, 夜空, showreel, reel, 201515



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